Getting started.

Benefit from our expertise when implementing your project:

BASIC Administrator.

The BASIC course gives you the fundamentals on how to administer and operate your new solution. General know-how on basic structure, server design. Client functionalities and infrastructure planning are the main focus here.
The course is targeted at system operatives and IT and help-desk employees.

ADVANCED Administrator.

This course gets you ready to use the advanced operation and management functions of your new document management solutions. Installation, configuration, application integration, and design add-ons are the main focus of this course.
Learning objective: The course will show you how to administer the new solution and analyze any problems that occur.
The course is targeted at system operatives and IT and help-desk employees who have attended the BASIC Administrator course or who possess comparable skills and know-how.

Train the trainer.

The course is intended for 'super users' and coordinators of in-house user training. The course will show you how to shape the system migration process such that your staff will enjoy using the new system and exploit its potential to the full.


  • Explain basics and technical terminology in simple terms.
  • Provide tips and tricks for a gentle introduction to the user interface.
  • Provide sample areas of use.
  • User FAQs.

End-user training.

On our user training courses, you determine the direction. The content is tailored to your needs and requirements; the courses are held either on your own premises or at ImageWare's training facilities.

Staying tuned.

Refresher courses.

This training course is designed for companies that are already using our solution and want to refresh their knowledge.


  • Refresh and consolidate existing know-how.
  • Introduce new functions.
  • Discuss client-specific challenges.

The refresher course can be tailored to any of your internal target groups: End-users (e.g. new recruits), training operatives or system administrators.