Business Process Management.

Routing & workflow management

Form recognition

Voice recognition

Capacity management

Process simulation

Threat analysis

Business processes can grind to a halt unnecessarily if pending tasks are not attended to. Delayed clearances can jeopardize adherence to deadlines. Fines for breach of contract are money down the drain.

Give your business a shot in the arm. Rid your company of handling errors and idle times by designing, optimizing and managing your processes electronically.

Business Process Management (BPM) allows you to simulate complex business processes; you can plan work steps, enhance the transparency of your processes, and monitor them more effectively. You will learn to anticipate problems before they even emerge.

Your Benefits.

Optimized data processes.

Processing steps are perfectly aligned. The required information appears in the right place at the right time.

Improved efficiency.

Persons involved in the process work together more efficiently. Fewer mistakes occur. You profit from an increase in staff productivity and lower costs.

Better customer service.

Contract details and service levels are complied with.

Improved agility.

You operate more flexibly in the market. You can adapt more quickly to new market requirements.

Use Case.

Business process management in an
energy company.
An energy company operating in a highly sensitive environment is required by law to manage, document and archive (in line with auditing requirements) all the workflows in its document management process.
A BPM solution with integrated business control can be implemented to cover the areas of both document management (incl. template management) and archiving. A business control system allows transactions to be handled in accordance with the stringent regulations while providing detailed information on individual transactions, workflows, and individual process steps at all times. For safety reasons, all documents are assigned appropriate access privileges. The requisite archiving is guaranteed at all times.
Governmental business at a
cantonal directorate.
Directorate business in cantonal administration offices is a highly time-consuming matter.
Deadlines are often missed. Maintaining control over business and obtaining reliable information on the status of a transaction are possible only with great effort. A business control system based on a business process management solution helps administrative offices capture, schedule, assign, manage, and secure the quality of their business processes. The business control system is also equipped with direct interfaces to the document management and archiving systems. All transactions can be handled electronically, with control over business and deadlines maintained at all times. This encourages collaboration within the organization, while enhancing efficiency in leaps and bounds. Information on the status of business is available at all times and the results are delivered on schedule.