Satisfied customers.

« After implementing ImageWare's document management system, we managed to do much more at much lower cost ' by the end of the year, the software had paid for itself. »

« ImageWare's skills and expertise are impressive both in technical and organizational terms. Collaboration was both innovative and cooperative. Our demands in terms of flexibility were very high. With ImageWare's help, we got everything up and running. »

« Thanks to the document management system, Froriep, one of Switzerland's leading law firms with offices in Zurich, Geneva, Zug, London and Madrid, has managed to cut the cost of document processing significantly. The system paid for itself very quickly indeed. »

« ImageWare offers a range of proprietary add-on components that add real value. Attributes such as competence and a willingness to help are what set ImageWare apart. »

« ImageWare's competence in technical matters and appreciation of the customer's needs are impressive attributes. Its approach is always professional and transparent. And that engenders trust. We felt that ImageWare held us in high esteem ' from the transparent advisory service and the fair prices, to the overall quality of the service provided. »

« ImageWare is a competent and committed partner for whom customer satisfaction means everything. The collaboration is uncomplicated, fair and conducted in a spirit of true partnership. What we really appreciate are the short chains of command, the contact with the owner, and the cost transparency. »

« The mission accomplished: Faster access to a secure, single repository. ImageWare is a competent partner who masters the art of truly listening to customer needs. They had what it took to leap hurdles and reconcile allegedly conflicting interests. We are happy with our choice of partner and felt us in competent hands, from the project start through to the rollout and go-live. »